SCADA - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

About Us

Technical study of software design and hardware for automated systems.

Thanks to many years of experience in industrial automation and synergies created over time with various professionals, the CAP Service provides solutions for research, design, implementation, supervision and technical assistance to the various production processes.

CAP Service through its staff creates and / or manages the development of orders from time to time assigned following, with particular attention, to all stages from design to testing.

Cap Service works also in consulting the selection of materials to be used to find the best solution for hardware and software in relation to the cost and quality.

The goal is to provide a single point of reference and professional development for Your automation system.

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Work Area


Painting line in Shanghai


CAP Service for the construction of a paint line components kitchens in Shanghai...

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Development cogeneration plant automation system


CAP SERVICE has received an order for the development of automation system for a new cogeneration plant in Italy. The plant consists of a gas turbine of 6,300 kW, a gas recovery boiler which produces...

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Development biomass cogeneration plant automation system


CAP SERVICE has received an order for the development of the automation system of a new biomass cogeneration plant in Italy. The whole system is controlled and operated with a PLC Siemens S7-400 in hot...

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Latest Projects

New Plant for Grain Storage

Cap Servise took a order to supply a full system automation for grain storage plant. The plant consist in  n....

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Batching plants started 2 (Tunis – Tunisia)

CAP SERVICE launched in Tunisia by a batching plant consists of a single PC that runs two different systems with...

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Batching plants started 1 (Sousse – Tunisia)

SERVICE CAP initiated a batching plant in Tunisia, the system automatically produces prints with reporting dispensing useful for billing and...

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Desalination plant 1200 mc / h (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

The system consists of the following sections: flotation section ultrafiltration section first step osmosis section second pass reverse osmosis section mixed beds section dose...

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Gas engine cogeneration plant (Novedrate – Italy)

CAP Service managed the automation system of cogeneration and central heat. The plant consists of: a gas engine from 5.6 MW, a recovery boiler flue gas, hot waterby a battery placed in the rear and two steam generators to produce steam. – With regard to the management...

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Grain storage facility (Padova, Italy)

It is a grain storage facility consisting of a battery of 16 silos. This plant has a total storage capacity of 50000 q with an hourly capacity of 1000 kg / h. From the load pit  the product comes through the silo through cleaning machines with a capacity of 1000 kg / h. The...

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