Our professionalism provide cutting-edge proficiency and assurance over time.

What We Do

1) Turnkey supply of plant components, electrical, electronic and software installations

CAP Service srl, using professional staff, provides a unique supplies turnkey automation systems including software, electrical panels, wiring board and after-sales service.

2) PLC software development for main brands

Our technicians are highly skilled in various software development environement, in both new generation than old one.

3) Development of supervisor software with main brands SCADA package

We develop supervisor software that use main SCADA packages (WINCC , Wonderware, ZENON, IFIX, Movicon). In the same time we are able to work on obsolete supervisor systems that don’t use yet SCADA (FIX32 , Factory Link).

4) Software development for data collection and traceability

Dedicated software development for data collection and traceability, this software are developed after an accurate knowledge of the productive process and according to client requirements.

5) Study and development of standard struttures for programming PLC manufactures

More than a company that provide plans turnkey solutions, has asked us to study an authored software structure with the following features:

  1. Modular, so the software routine can be used several times and assembled according to the plant size
  2. Flexible, in this way it is possible to integrate in every moment different parts, and simple to adapt to particulars plant needs.
  3. Simple, in this way also the company internal technicians can understand and use the software capabilities.
  4. Transportable, in this way it is possible to use it with different HT capabilities based on the plant.

6) Advices on the selection of products for industrial authomation

Our technical study is able to analyse projects submitted and, in order to obtain the best value for money, offers various automation components.

7) Analysis and development of conversion from obsolete PLC to last generation main brands PLC

Our twenty years experience in software and hardware world allows us to to deal with a certain tranquillity with conversion that are necessary on certain machine and/or plant, this for substitute old PLC, inverter.. with new series now available on the market.

In this regard we went up several times for a free business assessment of the cost for the conversion from old to new.

8) Support starter plans in Italy and around the world

We know the importance of providing highly qualified technicians in the start-up phase on site. A technician with different skills, on both electrical and software side, a technician able to cope with various situations in the field during the test phase.

9) After Start 24/7 phone assistance and remote assistance online

We also know the post start assistance, this is why we offer phone availability 24/7 and we provide with the fastest assistance in case you need to take action for a failure or system malfunction.