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Painting line (Kaskipuu, Finland)

This is the complete and automated management of an air transport in a finish plant. The wooden windows part are hung to some bars and transported by various chains, this parts have to be moved along the line for the painting phase. Evert bars is provided with an electronic TAG and thanks to a Siemens RFID system, it is possible to identify and address in the right direction the product loaded on the bar.

supervisor system based on Panel PC with WINCC Flexible

In every moment, the operator, with the supervisor system, based on a PC Panel with a WINCC Flexibe, can monitorize the production line in real time, he can identify the single product codes loaded on every transport bar and take action by changing the destination and / or processing previously assigned to each bar.
The PLC send working codes to two robots provided by third party via profibus communication.

Used components:

Siemens PLC S7 300,Siemens RFID sistem, barcode reader DATALOGIC, supervisor system WINCCFLEXIBLE, ethernet network, profibus and serial network.