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Painting line (Joensuu, Finland)

Strong for the positive results obtained in this sector, CAP Service srl has been responsible for managing and developing a furtherautomation system for air transport in Finland.

The difficulty with this new task was to completely replace the control software ofan existing and in production line. he challenge to CAP Service was tocompletely replace the software PLC and SCADA software without production interruptions.

Scada S7 Painting line

In this regard CAP Service Ltd. has prepared very carefully the software in their offices, spending considerable time to the simulation with special programs prepared by the same CAP Service. After deciding the period CAP Service srl visited Finland and in one weekend has managed to replace the automation system. In this case was also handled the interface with the painting robot.

Used Components:

Siemens PLC S7 300, Siemens RFID System, Siemens WINCC Supervision, Database integration for data exchange with company CED, ethernet and profibus network.