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Cogeneration plant with two gas engines (Mozzecane-Italy)

CAP Service managed the revamping of the automation system of the cogeneration plant and heating plant with the aim of replacing the part of automation in the weekend, for not stop production.

The plant consists of: 2 800 kW gas engines, two recovery boilers that produce steam saturated gas and two steam generators to produce steam.

With regard to the management of the entire plant was adopted a Siemens300 series PLC to replace the previous controller, the Hakko panel has been converted (visual interface of the state system) with Ethernet TCP / IP including reporting of accounting at the end of the month.

It’s been implemented a PC that allows remote management via WEB system and a GSM module controlled by a PLC which allows the control system via SMS.

The replacement of the system has met the agreed time due to the possibility ofsimulation offered by the new management system.