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Energy and Cogeneration

  • Gas engine cogeneration plant (Novedrate – Italy)

    CAP Service managed the automation system of cogeneration and central heat. The plant consists of: a gas engine from 5.6 MW, a recovery boiler flue gas, hot waterby a battery placed in the rear and two steam generators to produce steam. – With regard to the management of the entire plant was planned to adopt a SiemensPLC 400 series and particularly the SIMATIC 412-H, with redundant CPUconfiguration in hot stand-by in order to ensure maximum reliability operation also incase of any hardware failure. As an operator interface was installed a monitoring system consisting of two PCsmonitors based on the four-Wonderware Intouch SCADA package capable of handling the many variables of the process to be terminated. In the supervision system all data of the control system are store and made all the reports required by the customer. The two computers for redundancy are continuously linked by a […]

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  • Cogeneration plant with two gas engines (Mozzecane-Italy)

    CAP Service managed the revamping of the automation system of the cogeneration plant and heating plant.

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  • Gas turbine cogeneration plant (Lecco, Italy)

    CAP Service has provided this facility for the automation of process control panelsand all the control software. The system consists of a: gas turbine of 6,300 kW, a gas recovery boiler which produces steam, heated water through a battery placed in the rear and two steam generators to produce steam.

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