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Traceability program for milling (Monfalcone, Italy)

CAP Service has developed a comprehensive program for tracking and tracing products for a large milling industry. The program was developed after an intensive process of collecting information on the field. As we all know the need to introduce the strict operating procedures that allow total control of production, often runs into the habit of operators to work without too much attention to the documentary part (which is essential for tracking and tracing).

Sometimes this carelessness comes from the habit gained, some other times it comes from a genuine lack of time from the operators side. For this reason, the tracking program, must always be adapted and personalised to the way the company works.

To reach the final objective without changing the operators way of working, CAP service created a program “tailored” with the following features:

  1. Data digitalisation
  2. Easy use
  3. Ease in information recovery