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Processing plant and grain storage (Padova, Italy)

System for receiving, processing and grain storage with storage capacity of 15,000 q with an hourly capacity of  and consists of a battery of eight silos and warehouses,divided into two different areas. The possible processes are cleaning, drying and roasting.
The peculiarity of this system is the high degree of automation in terms ofmanagement and flexibility . The complexity in terms of plants that provide multiplecombinations of routes for transport constrained our program to a remarkable degree of synthesis in order to make easy and immediate management of the plant by the operators.
Just to ensure maximum flexibility in the system of supervision was created a graphical interface in which the operator can, with simple clicks, select the users and than the path each time you want. Once the choice is done it will only be necessary to press the start command and the system automatically runs a new start sequence choice.

Used Components:

PLC Siemens S7300 , probi bus network , remote I/O , ethernet network, Sistema SCADA Siemens WINCC.